About the Principal

Mrs. Verlynn Goldtooth

Phone: (928) 688-4200


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Verlynn Goldtooth

My name is Verlynn Goldtooth. I am a Navajo woman who has come from humble upbringings. I have gone through a boarding school education, traveled one hundred miles daily on a school bus to attend a public school, and stayed in a dormitory to attend high school.  I left the Navajo reservation to continue my education at Fort Lewis College, Durango, Co with completion of a Bachelor in Science in Math Education and a Masters in Secondary Education from Northern Arizona University.  My upbringing was similar to many of our students. We lived in a Hogan with a dirt floor, and no running water or electricity.  I was a sheepherder during summer break, drove my grandfather to various ceremonies, and hauled water daily for the livestock. These were all valuable experiences as they’ve taught me resilience. More importantly,  the teachings of my grandfather have helped shape many of my professional core values:

Teamwork – We (students, parents, teachers, staff, and community) must work together to establish respect and trust for our students of Valley High School.
Planning – We must be intentional in planning through the use of a strong and viable curriculum, engaging instruction and be results-driven in our assessment.  These three must work together as a living-breathing document that is continually changing to meet the needs of our students.
Respect – We will hold ourselves to the professional standards of a teacher and respect each other and our students through a thoughtful and engaging voice that is respectful to all people involved in the learning environment.
Cultural – We must treat each other with equality, understand and be respectful to the Navajo culture that enhances the cultural teachings of Nitsahakees (critical thinking), Nahat'a (planning), Iina (implementation) and Sihasin (reflection and assurance).