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      • The Sanders Unified School District Technology Department works to ensure all students and staff have the technology resources they need for success.

        Our vision is to support a dynamic, technology-rich environment that empowers all students and staff to become passionate life-long learners and productive participants in our society. Our mission in integrating technology is to enable staff and students to be academically successful, technologically aware, and fully engaged in the learning process.

        At all of our schools and offices, our department maintains desktop computers, laptops, printers, projectors, wired and wireless internet service, telephone service, and high-speed internet connectivity. Behind all of the latest technology is our unwavering focus on student safety and information security. We employ the use of sophisticated content filtering capabilities as well as enterprise-grade security policies to ensure all staff and students are safe from online risks.

        In addition, SUSD's student information system, Synergy, falls within the responsibilities of the Technology Department and is the tool with which student membership, attendance, and grades are managed among other items.


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        You may submit a SchoolDude ticket HERE using our School Dude IT Request.

        If your matter is urgent you may email us, Help Me IT!, and one of our technicians will get back to you shortly.

        If this is outside of normal business hours (M-F, 8-5), we will get back to you the following business day. Thank you.

      Hotspots - FAQs

      • How do Kajeet hotspots work?

        Kajeet hotspots work on a cellular signal.

        • If there is no cell signal available for phones in the area the hotspot is being used in, the hotspot will not work either.
        • If the cell signal is available but weak, the hotspot will also have a weak signal and may not be able to accommodate Google Meet calls or video streaming. In this situation, a student should call Google Meet by phone rather than accessing through video or turn the video off in a Google Meet.

        Do Kajeet hotspots allow for roaming?

        Kajeet Education Broadband does not allow for roaming. The service is only available on Kajeet network provider towers. SUSD provides Kajeet hotspots with Verizon and T-Mobile.

        How much data is included with the hotspot?

        Each Kajeet hotspot includes 30GB of data monthly and once 30GB have been used, the hotspot will be limited to 500MB per day until the new monthly data cycle begins. We limit our student data to 250MB per day.

        Who do I reach out to for help with my hotspot?

        Issues with hotspots should be reported to the student's teacher. This will help identify and track students with connectivity issues. 

        In addition, students and parents can contact the Kajeet Tech Support Hotline at: (240) 482-4635 6 am-5 pm PST

        How do I check my hotspot status and balance of the amount of data for my hotspot?

        Go to  and follow the directions.  

        Does Kajeet support Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode?

        Yes. Kajeet supports Google SafeSearch and YouTube Restricted Mode. Google SafeSearch blocks "Adult Content" in which search results, images, and videos that have been deemed as adult content will not show up in the browser. YouTube Restricted Mode is a setting that helps screen out potentially objectionable content. While it's not 100% accurate, YouTube uses community flagging, age-restrictions, and other signals to identify and filter out inappropriate content.  

        Other than filtering, what other restrictions does the hotspot have?

        Hotspots are available to use between the hours of 7 am and 5 pm.  

      District FAQs

      • How do I check my Voicemail?

        This video demonstrates how to use the dialable shortcuts, *98 & *99, to check voicemail from a GoTo Connect phone.

        How do I Make a Call?

        1. Extensions are the same. To call someone in the district, simply dial the 4 digit extension.
        2. For outside calls, just dial the 10 digit number without a 9 or a 1, for example, to call ETC which has a number of (928) 523-4949 you simply pick up the phone and dial (928) 523-4949.
        3. For voicemail, dial either *99 or hit the voicemail button and use 0000 as the password. Listen to the prompts for instructions on how to change your password. The IT department asks that you only change the password to your extension. For example, mine is 4708 so that is my password for my voicemail. We can still change it if we need to, but we'd rather have everyone manage their own voicemail password.

      Technology Team

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