• Our Online Registration is available for NEW students and RETURNING students.

    Early Registration is available only for NEW students. For RETURNING students, we will notify the parents when the portal opens for verification of information.

    If you need assistance, our staff is ready to assist you. We have computer stations set up at each school site should you need to use one to register your students. Our school contacts are listed below.

    Sanders Elementary School

    Yvonne Thompson: 855-678-7873 Ext. 3852 or Fawn Lynch: 855-678-7873 Ext. 3850

    Sanders Middle School

    Darlene Martinez: 855-678-7873 Ext. 4700 or Donna Gilchrist: 855-678-7873 Ext. 4772

    Valley High School

    Rozzanne Joe: 855-678-7873 Ext. 4206 or Shannon Scott: 855-678-7873 Ext. 4200