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Sanders Unified School District Curriculum

Sanders Unified School District is confident in providing our students with an excellent education.


 ATI Galileo logo  Galileo
 Center on Teaching and Learning logo  DIBELS
 Success for All Foundation logo  SFA
 Apex Learning logo Apex Learning
 Read Naturally logo  Read Naturally
 e-IEP Pro logo  e-IEP Pro
 Starfall logo  Starfall
 Pearson logo Pearson - Envision 
 Pearson logo Pearson - Perspective 
 Ascend Math log  Ascend Math
IXL logo   IXL
Lexia Core 5 logo  Lexia Core 5
 Mastery Connect logo  Mastery Connect
 Symphony Math logo  Symphony Math
 Splash Math logo Splash Math 
 Epic reading Epic!
Discovery Education logo  Discovery Education
 Google Drive logo Google Drive
Google Classroom logo  Google Classroom
Renaissance Place logo  Renaissance Place

PO Box 250 | Sanders, AZ 86512 | PH: 928-688-4750 | FX: 928-688-4723